Access to GOTO Islands

島外からのアクセス 島外からのアクセス

From outside The Island

Access from outside Goto From Nagasaki or Fukuoka

It takes about 90 minutes by jet foil from Nagasaki Port.
It takes 8 and 1/2 hours by ferry from Hakata Port.
40 minute flights are available from Nagasaki Airport to Goto Tsubaki Airport.

凡例 凡例

Access method

How to Access

Customers from Fukuoka

a ship (a ferry)

a ship (a ferry)

Ferry from Hakata Port



Fukuoka Airport

Customers from Nagasaki

a ship (a ferry or jetfoil)

a ship (a ferry or jet foil)

Ferry from Nagasaki Port

Jet foil from Nagasaki Port

*Note: You are not allowed to bring in any cooler boxes
(for fishing or camping) or bait of your own.



Nagasaki Airport

Enjoy a great Fishing experience in GOTO

Enjoy a complete
fishing experience in Goto.

We promise to deliver you an unforgettable experience.
Come and enjoy Goto island. We look forward to meeting you.

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