About All in one Fishing

What is All in one Fishing

Safe and secure,
The Best fishing experience empty-handed

Goto island is one of the world’s leading fishing sites, blessed with abundant nature and fishing grounds.
This content allows you to fully enjoy the charms of Goto.
Enjoy a resort life with fishing as the key,
Best fishing experience empty-handed.

You can enjoy “All in one Fishing” empty-handed.
Even if you don’t know much about fishing, you can feel safe and secure with a guide, I can fish empty-handed.
Furthermore, the professional cooks the fish he catches deliciously.

From those who like fishing to beginners and family members, you can be satisfied with a wide range of dishes.
All in one Fishing is a fishing experience that you can fully enjoy on the five islands.

Features of All in One Fishing

Features ofAll in one Fishing

It is an All in One Package.

  • I would like to recommend All in one Fishing to all people.
  • The concierge can help you with everything from fishing guides
    to fishing gear rentals, prepareing the fish you catch to be cooked,
    where and how you like.
  • From the dispatch of fishing guides, you can rent a set of fishing gear.
  • The concierge fully supports beginners to profesionals anglers.

From the sea to the table in your hotel we will make sure you enjoy the experience.


Rental fishing gear available


Fishing styles are supported by
Concierge Guides


The fish you catch
can be deliciously prepared by professionals

Enjoy a great Fishing experience in GOTO

Enjoy a complete
fishing experience in Goto.

We promise to deliver you an unforgettable experience.
Come and enjoy Goto island. We look forward to meeting you.

Please consult the concierge’s page below.
And get ready to go to Goto!