Fishing Resort

Hidden away in the most western tip of Japan's Nagasaki Prefecture are
The GOTO islands surrounded by natural and plentiful fishing grounds.
Known for being one of the world’s top fishing areas.
Just come hands free, carefree and full of expectations!
Travel light and return with heart filled experiences.
We have arranged an “all in one” fishing experience.
In the vast, natural environment of GOTO.

About All in one Fishing

About All in one Fishing

A Fantastic Fishing Experience.

Fishing Resort in Goto offers well maintained equipment and well experienced staff.
Goto supplies the natural scenic atmosphere for a great fishing trip,
for everyone! From beginners to families and pros!

Travel light.

Fully capable staff
for fun and safety!

The fish you catch goes from directly to the kitchen.

Deliciously prepared
and then served
to your table.


About GOTO

About GOTO

Goto Islands are located in the west part of Kyushu
about 100 km west of Nagasaki.
The Goto Islands, known for their beautiful,
ocean waters, shining white sandy beaches
and brilliant star filled views of the vast night sky of Goto.
Which all combine for the perfect fishing area,
allowing you to catch a variety of fish through all seasons, all year long.
Many key points are extremely popular. Just bring yourself.
From the beach or the wharf, to island hopping on a boat,
we supply everything for your fishing needs.


List of recreational fishing boats and ferries

Support and services

Our Professional staff is
combined of various talents
which become an“all in one”, super service.

These local talents know the area better than anyone else,
combining a superb service of restaurants, accommodations,
fishing tackle shops and recreational events.
Providing group tours or customized travel packages,
making the packages to fit anyone.

Enjoy a great Fishing experience in GOTO

Enjoy a complete
fishing experience in Goto.

We promise to deliver you an unforgettable experience.
Come and enjoy Goto island. We look forward to meeting you.

Please consult the concierge’s page below.
And get ready to go to Goto!